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Use Modern Web Technology
to Make Your Business More Efficient

Broaden your digital visibility with a custom web application and provide your customers with a scalable and safe experience requiring no installation.

Benefits of Custom
Web Development Services


Uncover and use new sales channels available in the digital world. Reach a broader audience and enhance your client's loyalty.


Create a clear and easy conversion path through your web app with experienced UX and UI developers.


Track and analyze every aspect of your web apps or website to quickly react to market changes to build a customer-faced business.


Use the blessing of modern technologies to provide your clients with a highly-performant, intuitive and beautiful web app.

Hire Web Developers
involved in Successful Digital Transformations

  • Case Study Toolbox - web app development by Pagepro


    Front-end development for web app MVP with React for insurance company

  • Just in Case Estates - Case Study - how we cut the development time by 50%

    Just in Case Estates

    Building the web app MVP with Next.js to test a new financial product on the US market.

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“Apart from their technical skill and proficiency, which I really appreciate, Pagepro is very honest. Having a partner that we can trust and get to know has been critically important for us, especially since we’re working with a remote team. I trust them, and I’m very confident about their work, so I would highly recommend them.”

“Working with Pagepro appeared to be highly effective. From the beginning I felt I was in good hands and well taken care of. The crucial part was their understanding of what we want to achieve. I never had to micro-manage, nor monitor the progress, as deliverables were always spot-on and high quality.

P.S. Last month we got a big client that, I’m sure, wouldn’t contact us through the old website.”

Web Development Services
by Pagepro


Broaden your digital channels with the web app tailor-made for your brand. Bring the idea and our experienced web development team will turn it into reality.


Get to market fast with a high-quality initial version of your application to validate the idea and gather feedback from the target audience.


Make your web app or web portal an essential part of your digital transformation. Our experts will guide you through the process of creating a client-centred SAAS product.


Convert users of your web app into loyal customers with a highly responsive, intuitive user interface. Our engineers build products that meet all the customer’s needs.

Make Sure Your Digital Products Excel
with Post Release Support

Experience a Post-release Support process crafted to elevate and optimize your Web App beyond its launch. The result? You remain laser-focused on overarching goals, free from technical distractions.

Fixed Monthly Bucket of Hours
Best for businesses with stable development plan

Customised Support
Best for companies hungry for growth


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Web App Development Process
at Pagepro


We will have a closer look at your goals and objectives to specify technical requirements and priorities for your custom web app.


In this phase, we will create a project schedule with clear deliverables and responsibilities.


We take the project team into one room and make sure we all understand what goals, objectives, and expectations are.


We track and communicate the progress to adapt and arrive with the final product. As planned.

Why Choose Pagepro as Your
Web Development Agency?

  • Efficiency guaranteed by Senior Developers

    Through the years, we run diverse web development projects for customers around the globe. We have experience in various industries, like HR, Finance, SaaS and Real Estate and our team always amazes the clients.

  • We start from your business objectives

    As an experienced web development company, we align technology to your business. Not the other way around. React.js allows you to achieve your business objectives in the most cost-efficient way. And we know how to use this unfair advantage a lot.

  • Verified Coding Process

    We provide development services of the highest quality. We care about every detail of your custom web applications and make sure that the written code is professional, understandable and meets the widely accepted coding standards.

  • 92% of our clients came back to work with us again!

    It's hard to earn trust. This is why going the extra mile is a part of our inner culture. Join over 170 companies that seem to be happy with their choice and came back for more!

Pagepro in Numbers

  • 179

    Projects Done

  • 12

    Years in Business

  • 4.9/5 Rate

  • 40

    Team Members

  • 92%

    Client Retention Ratio

Use the benefits
of narrow-specialized agency dedicated to React.js and React Native

Tap Into Deep React Expertise

Unlock quality and efficiency for your projects by using the power of React.js and React Native. Your apps will be built on the industry’s best and most proven libraries. This ensures not just top-tier performance but also easy maintenance and significant cost savings for your business.

Stay Ahead with Cutting-Edge Tech

Stay at the cutting edge of digital innovation. Leverage the latest tech trends, from headless CMSes to low-code and no-code solutions. Make your applications future-proof and integrate seamlessly with your existing systems for maximal operational efficiency.

Experience Seamless Project Execution

Enjoy a development process that’s as efficient as it is effective. From initial development to deployment and even post-launch maintenance, a streamlined process ensures your projects are on time, secure, and optimised for peak performance - eliminating common hiccups and setbacks.

Enjoy Personalized Service and Expert Oversight

Step into a partnership where you’re the central focus. Every project benefits from direct CTO expertise, ensuring insights are aligned with your vision. And with clear, regular updates, you stay informed and empowered, enjoying the hands-on attention that sets apart truly personalised service.

Technologies Used
by Our Web Development Team









Web App Development FAQ

  • No matter if you are planning to build the application in-house or outsourcing web development services, you need to have your budget under control. The cost is dependent on many factors, like the complexity of the project and if you need both web design and development services.

    The average costs of web development look like the below:

    • Simple web apps or websites with basic features, sharing information about the product and allowing for simple user interactions like sending a form: $15,000-$50,000

    • Medium complex web applications, or web portals containing more pages, and providing more user complex user interactions like payments or creating user accounts: $50,000-$150,000

    • Complex web app, allowing for various, complicated user interactions and automating business processes: $150,000-$300,000

    However, using advanced technologies like React.js for app development allows to cut the development costs, thanks to

    • reusability of components

    • many “ready-to-use” components

    That cut the time of the process, and as a result, decreases the whole investment. More than that, you build one codebase for all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.), which allows for easier and cheaper further app development in the future.

  • Similar to the cost, the time needed for web application development depends on many factors, like the complexity, and size of the project. But it takes at least several months to release an app since it’s a complicated process requiring not only coding but also other activities like setting the information architecture and testing.

    As said in the previous point, the development time can be shorter if you decided to build an app with React, because of:

    • Reusability of components

    • Many “ready-to-use” components available

    • Wider React community, full of dedicated contributors ready to answer all the questions and help to manage any issues.

  • Yes, one of our most popular web app development services is tech consultancy. You can get help from our senior developers with more than 10 years of experience in building web applications for commercial use. In this case, you will be able to minimize technical risk before you even start the development phase. You will get help in making the tech decisions, choosing the tech stack and best practices that will guarantee the best web apps performance.

  • SPA is a web application or website that interacts with the web browser by dynamically rewriting the current web page with new data from the web server, instead of the default method of the browser loading entire new pages. The goal is faster transitions that make the website feel more like a native app. SPA is a perfect solution to build an exceptional and rich interaction between the user and your application.

    The main pros of Single Page Applications are 

    • Faster loading times

    • Great User Experience

    • Makes it easy to build feature-rich apps and add new features

    • Built with the hottest web technologies on the market

    The most popular SPA, that you may use on an everyday basis are: 

    • Facebook

    • Instagram 

    • Netflix

    • WhatsApp

    • Gmail

    • Google Docs

  • Progressive Web App is kind of a combination between a native and a web application. It works in the browser, yet behaves like a truly native app. This outstanding nature makes the user’s life a lot easier, as PWA does not require any installation, nor additional effort in order to be used.

    The main pros of Progressive Web Apps:

    • Works on any device - all you need to run it is a browser - no matter which is that. PWAs also work for any kind of screen size and device.

    • Easy to build and maintain - people having web and mobile apps built separately had to spend twice as much on development, and they still have to pay twice as much for maintenance. PWA is different. “Once built - works everywhere,” we say. You need only one codebase that will work on any device, any operating system, anywhere.

    • Do not require any installation - all you need to run an app is a browser.

    • Work offline as well - using web apps that are available online only can be frustrating when it becomes crowded. PWA can be downloaded and can easily work offline, so you don’t have to worry about the speed and general user experience.

    • App experience - although it is not a “Technically” app, it behaves like one, and in many cases, people cannot even tell the difference.

    • Easily accessible and visible - they are getting well-indexed by search engines.

    • Always up to date - PWAs are getting updated automatically while refreshed. No manual or any other updates are needed.


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